cassandra sue

monarcabox es artesanía crochet, tejidos con amor y buenas intenciones. sharing joy & inspiration one stitch at a time. i have been crocheting for 24 years, it has become a meditative tool for me, it is also how i share my joy with others.


i wanted a pair of sunflower earrings, so i crocheted my own. people started asking me for them, and monarcabox was born. i am so thankful for all of the support and love, my favorite part of following this path has been to connect with so many other makers & artists.


some items are my own invented crochet pattern. i spent countless hours and many moments of trial and error in crafting the sunflower, cactus, large daisy, and plantita hangers.


i enjoy teaching and inspiring others to crochet. if i wasn't selling my artwork, i would still be crocheting, it is part of who i am. every piece is carefully crafted and unique in its own way, just like the person who has chosen to wear it.